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Everyone's childhood years of life are the key of opportunity to their future. Within those formative years, their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development will set the path for their life’s journey. At RSTA, we comprehensively develop the child's talents and ensure that journey is richly rewarding for your child.

RSTA Code of Conduct

Respect Guidelines

  • Observe our respect code for spectators
  • Children play for fun and to learn
  • Respect the referee’s decisions
  • Appreciate good play from all teams
  • Acknowledge milestones and achievements
  • Let the coaches do their job, do not tell the players what to do
  • Always remain behind the touchline (in the designated spectator areas)
  • Never engage in offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour

Noncompliance Penalties

    If you do not abide by the code of conduct, the following actions may be taken:
  • Issued with a verbal warning
  • Asked to leave the game being played
  • Banned from attending future matches
  • Required to meet with the displinary team
  • Lastly, termination of academy membership
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